My Canadian Pharmacy: Number One Online Store With Meds for Any Case

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5 reasons to trust My Canadian Pharmacy

  • We know the whole way of every medicine from the manufacturer laboratory to our pharmacy. We buy drugs only from manufacturers and leading international distributors. 100% of our drugs are certified. The counterfeits are excluded.
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  • We offer a range of 3000 items, including rare medications. They are intended for patients with cardiac, oncological, neurological diseases, viral infections, men’s health, women’s health, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Do not set unjustified surcharges to the cost. We keep low prices not due to high markups, but due to high turnover. Moreover, we specialize in selling generic drugs which price is considerably lower.
  • We constantly organize promotions that allow you to save. Our customers can always get a 5%-10% discount.

The quality of medications is an indicator of seller responsibility. My Canadian Pharmacy has earned a reliable reputation thanks to respect for the law and an honest approach to its work.

By commanding the service of My Canadian Pharmacy, a customer will get:

  • only original medications directly from manufacturers and national distributors. Preparations undergo strict quality control in accordance with established standards. We work only with trusted suppliers!
  • a wide range of medications from first aid kit to more rare medications. Always available vaccines, homeopathic remedies, diet supplements, hygiene items, beauty products.
  • good prices for any drugs without undue markups. Thanks to direct deliveries, you do not have to pay for intermediaries. Large turnovers allow us to maintain a trading margin of only 3-5%, which not every pharmacy can afford.
  • rare drugs for the treatment of cardiac, oncological, neuro-diseases, viral infections, diabetes mellitus. These medicines are always bought or ordered from us as we are the cheapest online pharmacy.
  • discounts and bonuses to save your money, time and effort. It will provide not only a 5%-10% discount but also an additional comfort when ordering medications.
  • professional advice from pharmacists. We have experts in their field who are always ready to answer your questions in detail, recommend the necessary drug and tell you about the rules for its use.