Privacy Policy

This information on the Privacy Policy defines the conditions and objectives for collecting, storing, protecting, processing and distributing information about users of (the Website). The privacy policy determines what personal information about users of the site is received and/or collected by My Canadian Pharmacy, as well as the measures taken by this company to ensure the security of information.

Collection of personal information

The personal information about site users includes:

  • Standard data automatically received by the http server when accessing the Internet resource (host ip address, address of the requested resource, time, type and information about the program the view that sent the request for the resource, the type of the user’s operating system, the address of the page from which the transition was made to the requested resource);
  • Data of electronic forms filled in during registration on relevant pages (user profiles, including usernames, logins, passwords, email addresses, etc.) and sent by site users to the address of the Website;
  • The information contained in the cookies.

All relations related to the collection, storage, protection, processing and dissemination of information about users of the Website, which is the subject of this Privacy Policy, are governed by the current legislation.

My Canadian Pharmacy reserves the right to determine additional conditions and procedures for collecting, storing, protecting, processing and distributing information about users of the site in other public documents and site services.

Purpose of collecting information about site users

The Website processes personal information of users for the following purposes:

  • to provide products and services;
  • to develop new and improve existing services;
  • to communicate with users in order to provide services.

Storage and protection of information about site users

All personal information about users of the Website collected, stored and processed on is considered restricted information unless otherwise provided by the current legislation.

The information provided by users is not transmitted to third parties, organizations and is used only for the purposes with which it was collected. If My Canadian Pharmacy needs to use this information for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was collected, the company will first request permission of a specific user.

We take all reasonable measures to protect personal information about users from destruction, distortion or disclosure.

Access to personal information about users is provided to:

  • persons whose rights and obligations for access to relevant information are established by the current legislation;
  • employees of the online pharmacy, who need access to perform work and provide services in full;
  • individuals and organizations providing support services on the Website, to the extent necessary for the implementation of such support.

Use of personal information about website users in cookies

This Website uses cookies to support the functioning of services that require the use of cookies, as well as to determine the unique identifier of user access to services and personal data on the Website. By configuring the software, a user gets the opportunity to prohibit the use of cookies on his computer, but in some cases, this may lead to a partial or complete loss of the functionality of the website services.